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Courtney Curtis a seasoned IT and marketing professional has always been an active participant in the communities he’s lived in, and being the oldest grandchild of seventeen has always been a family oriented leader. Courtney is a 1999 graduate of McCluer Senior High School, where he began his leadership experience being president of multiple organizations.

After graduating from High School Courtney attended the University of Missouri to study accounting, where he continued his leadership experience as President of the 100 Black Men of Metropolitan St. Louis’ College 100 Chapter, working to improve race relations at the University, while providing positive role models to area youth. After finding success leading organizations Courtney found success in his major, and love of technology leading to him becoming a Human Resource, and IT Director for a large hotel and convention center, which gave him the confidence to go into the world of technology start-ups, as an entrepreneur.

As a former Human Resource Director, and accounting professional Courtney understands the impact of the economy on payroll, business creation, hiring, and expenditures and he’s seen how the changes affect both the young, and the more seasoned. As an IT professional Courtney has consulted clients to, and implemented innovative technology that allowed for the reduction of costs, and increased efficiency. As a start-up enthusiast, and entrepreneur Courtney has seen the revenues, and wealth created by the tech revolution, and sees an opportunity for our community to not only take part in it, but be the driving force of North County revitalization by inviting start-ups and incubating them as vested members of our community.

Courtney has never just wanted to be a member of many organizations, but he has always been a vocal proponent of the communities he’s been apart of ultimately getting him elected to lead organizations that have produced very talented young black males, and future legal professionals proving that he not only is seen as a leader, but excels at furthering the mission of the groups he is apart of.

Courtney has spent 12 years working at the intersection of business and technology, working in IT, marketing, and accounting. Courtney has always found a way to use technology to make things more efficient, and ensure success. Courtney doesn’t see using technology as an afterthought but he starts there with any problem, and couples it with historical best practices of, trying before saying it can’t be done, evaluating the outcome, and improving performance upon getting successful results.

Courtney believes that we have a great start at ensuring a better tomorrow for our citizens, and with a true team effort working to attract tech start-ups, providing access to innovations in healthcare that allow for our citizens to better manage their health, while reducing costs, and making sure that our schools not only have the tools that will engage, and better educate our students we will continue to make a better tomorrow, starting today.

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