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Courtney CurtisIf you have lived in North County nearly all of your life as I have, it doesn’t take much to know that our community has changed. When I’m out and about some of the changes are so noticeable, that people ask why do you want to live there, and the answer is because that’s where my family is, that’s where I’m from, and we are making it better.

Given the seriousness of some changes it didn’t take me years of living in the community to say I want to change this for the better, but upon returning I immediately started trying to figure out how I could do my part, and encourage others to aid in that effort. My search led me to running for State representative to represent the places where I spent the majority of my time growing up, Ferguson, Berkeley, Cool Valley, and Kinloch, but also close to some really great communities such as Woodson Terrace, Edmundson, St. Ann, Hazelwood, and Normandy.

Now that I’m here, there is nothing more that I want to do but provide a strong, effective, and passionate voice to the community that I consider family while providing some new ideas, and leadership to galvanize the area so that we are the center of revitalization for North County. Going all the way back to high school at McCluer Senior High, I not only called nearly everyone my cousin, but I had the most school spirit, and that continues in my passion for the community, and want to be it’s champion in Jefferson City.

If you look around there are some great things happening, and we can continue to make that the norm, by getting more involved, expecting more from our elected officials, and supporting those that are driving positive change. Your vote counts in every election, your voice counts at every city council meeting, and it’s up to you to make it be heard, but I’ll make that easy by making sure that you can connect with me.

I’m from this community, I live in this community, and we as a community deserve a representative that knows how to work smart to get things accomplished, has fought for unfairly treated employees and students in the past, worked to improve community relations, and has implemented forward thinking solutions through partnerships, and innovative thinking. I Courtney Curtis, am such a candidate and would like to represent you in Jefferson City.

Please take a good look at my site, and if you believe that I would truly represent you and your issues zealously, then I invite you to show your support, provide support, and to cast your vote for me on August 7. If you have any questions, or want to make your issues know do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a great day,

Courtney Curtis

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