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The role of State Representative can be much more than one that represents your interests. In the broader sense it can be one of a community champion that bridges the gaps of progress between the communities while acting as a steward of collaboration and propelling it forward to a better tomorrow starting today.

I’m a strong believer in teamwork, and it is my mission to bring our communities together so that we can be the center of innovation and renewal in North County. We need to raise the bar for what is expected from our elected officials, and let them know that they are not only needed in Jefferson City, but should also be active in the community and continuously working towards improving it.

The main areas of focus in our community relate to economic development, Healthcare, Education, taxes and spending. If you look at the large issues in each category it could be somewhat daunting, but there is a way to have a major impact on each area, if we work smart, and combine innovation with our tried and proved methods that have sustained us to this point. For some in government the job requires nothing more than showing up, many of our officials lack the political courage, savvy and in some cases the passion that we need to put Missouri in a position to give its citizens more. It is my goal to bring new ideas, and a new mindset to Jefferson City. Review my issues to view practical yet innovative policies we can implement to achieve more.

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