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The Issues

Economic Development

Missouri is no longer the power it once was with its auto manufacturing plants, and inbound and outbound traffic from Lambert. Now we must look to incubate new industries that are full of growth and opportunity such as the technology and green sectors. If we do not look to new and innovative approaches we will continue to see our community lose its best and brightest, and our community will fail to attract new businesses, and young residents looking for a community to grow old in. We can restore North County by doing the following:

• Become the Silicon Valley of the Midwest.
• Create community innovation centers to train individuals to program, design, and innovate.
• Create city supported technology incubators that embraces startups while taking an equity stake .
• Empower businesses to grow using the power of the internet to export our local talent and skills.
• Create a common set of already prepared documents to encourage business creation.


In order for us to attract great minds, and retain our great citizens we must fix the funding formula, while making education affordable, and provide the schools the resources they need so that we increase the intellectual capital that we have in Missouri placing ourselves in a position to compete with Illinois for not only people, but businesses. . Some ways in which we can innovate in the classroom are:

• Utilizing new learning innovations to engage students, educate them in the most effective manner.
• Ensure the safety of our kids not only in school, but to and from.
• Renew focus on afterschool activities that engage the students, and ignites their passion for learning.
• Ensure that safeguards are in place to protect the students from decisions that affect their learning.
• Compensate educators appropriately to create a pipeline of talent that wants to educate our students.


The key to a happy community is it’s health. If our citizens are not provided access to quality healthcare we will continue to see the costs of healthcare, and the resulting issues take a toll on our community. To create a healthier community we must also make sure that we do not create additional harm to our communities with our policies.

• Increase awareness of mental health issues, while ensuring proper diagnosis, and treatment.
• Promote environmental friendliness through our policy making.
• Provide access to innovations in health care so that citizens can take better care of themselves.
• Use healthcare innovations to lower the cost to the state.
• Allow for competition in the healthcare industry to lower costs while increasing access.


Why is it that officials set to accomplish a lot on the campaign trail, and then we get nothing more than a budget, and a bust that we have to waste more Missouri dollars on to protect from damage. If we want to achieve more, let’s start with expecting more from our officials, and take away some of the tools that allow them to accomplish little if anything.

• Get rid of the filibuster.
• Invite the tech industry in to spur development that reduces costs, while improving productivity.
• Implement a green standard to reduce waste in state offices.
• Introduce innovation in lean manners by test cases, expanding successes, and quickly ending failures.

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